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KUALA LUMPUR: – United Overseas Bank Bhd (UOB Malaysia) has launched a new endowment plan, PRUwealth gain, to help Malaysians boost their retirement savings.

In a statement today, UOB Malaysia said PRUwealth gain combines savings elements with life insurance protection and offers an annual cash payout through its guaranteed Survival Benefit.

“Customers can also use PRUwealth gain payouts for significant occasions such as buying a house or funding their children’s education,” it said.

Managing Director and Country Head of Personal Financial Services Annie Tan said it is important for Malaysians to plan ahead in pursuit of a comfortable life after retirement.

“We believe retirement planning can be managed better by supplementing a person’s current mandatory pension fund with additional savings plans. With PRUwealth gain, customers can save regularly over a long period of time,” she said. -- BERNAMA

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