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Officers from Sabah Wildlife Department tracking the elephant. Pix courtesy of Sabah Wildlife Department

KOTA KINABALU: A woman was injured after she was attacked by an elephant near her home in Telupid.

Justina Ompang, 57, was walking to work with her husband Khunyan Basimah, 40, when the elephant charged at them at Kampung Gambaron yesterday at 6.20am.

Khunyan however shouted frantically and his desperate act helped saved Justina as the elephant fled into the nearby forest.

Justina was sent to Telupid hospital and discharged the same day. She sustained bruises on her upper torso.

"There is a very serious Human-Elephant conflict occurring in Telupid for the past two months now," said Dr Sen Nathan, Assistant Director for the Sabah Wildlife Department.

“More than 30 elephants in four different groups have been causing severe damage to the villagers’ crops as well as damaging vehicles and motorcycles," he said.

The villages affected by the conflicts are Kampung Bouto, Kampung Lubang Batu, Kampung Maliau and Kampung Gambaron.

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