Dr Roza and Sabah Wildlife Department ranger carrying one of the sun bears into the transport cage. Pix courtesy of Sabah Wildlife Department

KOTA KINABALU: Two sun bears, reported to have been treated poorly at the Tawau Hot Spring mini zoo, have safely arrived at the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park here.

The adult male and female bears are being monitored by veterinarian cum officer-in-charge Dr Rosa Sipangkui.

The transfer operation from Tawau took place last Friday and both animals arrived at the park on the following morning.

“The whole operation went smoothly.

“One of the sun bears does not seem well but the other one is healthy and most probably will be a good candidate for rehabilitation and release later,” Roza added.

In October last year, a non-governmental organisation, One Green Planet, highlighted the presence of the protected species at the hot springs, claiming the bears were kept in a cage to entertain tourists.

Sabah Wildlife director Augustine Tuuga said they regretted the delay in getting the bears to the park.

“But, we are happy to say the sunbears are safe and are being monitored round the clock by veterinarians from our department.

“I urge the general public to come forward if there is any information on sun bears or any other wildlife that are being confined for the department to take action.”