Mohamad Shahril Sabari with his Star Wars Lego collection at his home in Taman Gadong Indah, Seremban. Pic by Hazreen Mohamad

SEREMBAN: For many, hobbies are something they do to pass their time.

But for Mohamad Shahril Sabari, better known as Victor Engku Shah, his hobby of collecting Star Wars Lego sets is helping him and his wife, Noor Azra Kamaruddin, through difficult times.

Starting from October last year, Victor has been travelling from here to sell his collection at the Amcorp Mall flea market in Petaling Jaya every Sunday to raise funds for Azra’s treatments.

“I have been a fan of Star Wars from young. However, I only began collecting the Lego sets in 2011 after being ‘brainwashed’ by my friend Amir.

“I bought them locally and from abroad, as well as through eBay.

“I got married in April last year. Two weeks later, my wife’s boss noticed a lump on her neck and told her to have it checked out.

“It was discovered that Azra has lymphoma and the doctor advised her to begin chemotherapy.

“At first, we refused chemotherapy and resorted to traditional treatment.

“However, our lives got more challenging in July when Azra found out she was pregnant.

“The doctor advised her to have an abortion and to start chemotherapy as it was dangerous for her and the baby.

“After much consideration, she had the abortion,” he said at his house here yesterday.

Victor, who also collects Coca-Cola memorabilia and banknotes, said he sold his collection to raise funds.

“I resigned as a finance officer to tend to my wife. I started selling my Star Wars Lego collection to pay for her chemotherapy that costs RM6,000 each session. She needs to undergo 12 sessions.

“Her insurance coverage is only RM70,000 annually and this is not enough.

“Other than the RM72,000 for chemotherapy, we have to pay RM25,000 for a biopsy.

“Selling off my Star Wars Lego collection was my last resort.”

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