Models showing off DJI Phantom 3 drone. Pix by Izwan Ismail
The Phantom 4 which retails at RM6,199. Pix by Izwan Ismail

KUALA LUMPUR: The hugely popular drone, the DJI Phantom 3 now has a new upgrade model, the Phantom 4.

It is the first consumer drone to use highly advanced computer vision and sensing technology to make professional aerial imaging easier for users.

The Phantom 4 expands on previous generations of DJI’s iconic Phantom line by adding new onboard intelligence, which makes piloting and shooting great shots simple. Users may benefit from features such as Obstacle Sensing System, ActiveTrack and TapFly functionality.

The Phantom 4’s Obstacle Sensing System features two forward-facing optical sensors that scan for obstacles and automatically direct the aircraft around the impediment when possible, reducing risk of collision while ensuring flight direction remains constant. If the system determines the craft cannot go around the obstacle, it will slow to a stop and hover until the user redirects it. Obstacle avoidance also engages if the user triggers the drone’s “Return to Home” function to reduce the risk of collision when automatically flying back to its take off point.

With ActiveTrack, the Phantom 4 breaks new ground, allowing users running the DJI Go app on iOS and Android devices to follow and keep the camera centered on the subject as it moves simply by tapping the subject on their smartphone or tablet. Perfectly-framed shots of moving joggers or cyclists, for example, simply require activating the ActiveTrack mode in the app.

The Phantom 4 is available at RM6,199.