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JOHOR BARU: A chemical spill in Sungai Johor has caused a disruption in the water supply in several areas in Johor Baru and Kulai since early Tuesday afternoon.

SAJ Holdings Sdn Bhd's head of corporate communications, Jamaluddin Jamil said the ammonia spill was detected on Tuesday morning upstream of Sungai Johor.

"The spill forced SAJ to shut the operations of three water treatment plants, namely the Sungai Johor, Semangar and Tai Hong plants, immediately after the spill was detected," said Jamaluddin.

However, the cause of the ammonia spill is still unknown at press time.

The closure of the three treatment plants caused water disruption in several areas, including Iskandar Puteri, Skudai, the Port of Tanjung Pelepas and the Tanjung Bin power plant, as well as Bukit Batu in Kulai.

Some 120,000 households are affected by the water disruption.

Jamaluddin said SAJ would restart the operation of the three plants as soon as the spill is contained.

"However, it will take some time for the water supply to be restored as we need to treat the raw water, build up the water pressure and fill the water tanks," said Jamaluddin.

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