Following the global launch of the Allove diamond in Singapore in December 2015, exclusive distributor SK Jewellery recently debuted the stunning diamond in Malaysia.

The collection comprises designs that push the boundaries in diamond-cutting techniques.

This includes an all-new 81-facet cut, featuring a perfect pattern of 10 hearts and 10 arrows, specifically created to maximise light performance and eliminate light leakage.


To mark the recent World Oceans Day, Jaeger-LeCoultre presented an exhibition, Tides Of Time, a partnership with Unesco in major cities around the world.

Since 2008, the Grande Maison and Unesco have worked hand in hand to help conserve the 47 marine sites on the World Heritage List.

Visitors will gain a grasp of the threats these natural treasures face and an understanding of the positive impact made by Unesco and its local partners.


Kipling’s Summer Pre-Fall 2016 collection takes you on a journey to the City Jungle.

Explore every nook and cranny to discover hidden treasures, while keeping your essentials stashed safely in sturdy bags.

Go on an adventure and enjoy your freedom. Let your belongings follow you in a wheeled bag inspired by lush greens from the jungles, combined with pops of colours reminiscent of exotic birds and reptiles.


Dockers turns 30 this year and to commemorate its three decades of khaki, the brand teams up with four Malaysians in its latest, Yes, They’re Dockers campaign, to showcase an entirely new concept and innovative trends in menswear.

Featuring Remy Ishak (photo), Henley Hii, Henry Golding and Faiz Abdul Hak, the campaign embodies the dynamic spirit of Dockers.

In its latest collection of menswear, it provides the essential goods for the modern man, vital items every guy needs to complete his look.


Dior Homme recently opened on New Bond Street inside the new House Of Dior in the UK.

Situated in one of Mayfair London’s most famous luxury thoroughfares, the new Dior Boutique is at 160-162 New Bond Street.

The House Of Dior reflects the expansiveness of the Christian Dior Universe by uniting all the Dior creations under one roof.


Michael Kors has announced a new partnership with McLaren-Honda, becoming the official lifestyle partner of the world championship Formula 1 team.

To celebrate the partnership, Michael Kors created a limited-edition men’s leather jacket. The 50 black leather jackets are sold exclusively on the

men’s floor of the new Michael Kors London flagship store.

They feature both Michael Kors and McLaren logos, as well as a limited-edition plaque with each piece’s unique production number.


The Gucci Men’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection is a reflection of travelling.

They keep traces of otherness, echoes of spaces, crossed or imagined, temporalities, plural and thickened. Each suit is a kaleidoscope of signs poetically reassembled to create new meanings.

Travel can untie the knots of the soul, harbour wonder and magic and put the magic back in existence.


Africa is the inspiration for Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2017 collection. It is also a return to roots, to heritage, to formative influences and to the blueprint.

These themes are explored literally and figuratively. Africa is constantly present, a heartbeat under the collection, combined with the rebellion of London Punk and the emblematic savoir-faire of the Maison.

By its very nature, the journey between these different destinations and influences evokes the spirit of travel, which is the very essence — the blueprint — of Louis Vuitton.



Salvatore Ferragamo Menswear Collection Spring/Summer 2017 is a collection in which the finest codes and traditions of masculine dressing are reconfigured to bring luxury and style to the multi-faceted realities of modern life.

Playfully embracing contrasts and contradictions, the spirit and attitude of the artist merges with that of the restless adventurer, for both of whom utility, formality and decoration are of equal sartorial importance.

Across the collection, travel is epitomised by the backpack, that symbol of escapism and adventure, whose rugged structure and utilitarian details are channelled through outerwear, suits and accessories.