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SINGER-SONGWRITER Aizat Amdan is “in love” with Raniaku, which he composed. He describes it as “close to home”, in that everybody needs love to face life’s challenges. “As I sing this song, the beautiful love story of Azman and Rania warms my heart,” he says.

“And at times, this thought pops into my mind, ...when I am going to meet my Miss Right?” he says, smiling sheepishly.

Aizat admits that while his parents have never pressured him to get married, they have suggested he tie the knot when he turns 30.

While he has encountered “puppy love” several times in his teens, the award-winning artiste, who will be 27 this year, has never been in a serious relationship. “She needn’t be in showbiz, all she needs to be is somebody who loves me for who I am.”

When asked about his music, Aizat says he has found his forte in ballads and pop. “I love rock music too, but my heart and soul is in ballads.”

Aizat composes 10 songs a month for his personal collection, and Raniaku was one of them. “I’ve come up with Dalam Diam for Dayang Nurfaizah.”

His year-old restaurant Kari Gegar in Ampang is being managed by his mother and brother. “I visit it on weekends, and I’m glad diners have given positive feedback.”

Having had Nora Danish and Remy Ishak star in his video, Aizat hopes more popular actors will appear in his future videos. “Perhaps Maya Karin?” he wonders.

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