“It is not easy to make people laugh so I have tremendous respect for the people who have the courage to tell jokes.” Julia Ziegler

The model-cum-actress takes on the challenge to be a comedian in Super Spontan Superstar, writes Shuib Taib

DO you have to be pretty to make it as a comedian?

For female comedians, a career obstacle is the emphasis that the entertainment industry places on their looks. Too good-looking and nobody will listen to you. Not good-looking enough and you’ll never be cast.

So unless you have funny blood in your DNA, it is best to let professional comedians tickle our funny bones. After all, the last thing a comedian needs is for the jokes to fall flat on her, er, pretty face.

Julia Ziegler, known for her modelling and acting skills, has been dreaming of taking part in a “live” comedy show for some time.

Like many of its ardent followers, Julia has been watching Super Spontan, a “live” comedy show on Astro since its inception four years ago. And, like many of its fans, Julia too has been both entertained and enthralled by the comedians.

Then came Super Spontan Superstar (SSS) in 2012 which saw Zizan Razak taking home the champions’ trophy twice, winning the first and fourth seasons. Jep Sepahtu won the second season while Johan (of Raja Lawak fame) was the third season champion.

“It is not easy to make people laugh so I have tremendous respect for the people who have the courage to go up there and tell jokes. When Astro asked me if I would like to give it a try, I thought, ‘What have I got to lose?’” says Julia.


Indeed, the first thing one must have is spirit and Julia has plenty of it.

“When I told my friends about my plan to try out comedy, they were impressed that I was not afraid to be funny,” says Julia.

But before she could be accepted, Julia had to attend a boot camp organised by Astro, along with a bunch of newcomers, including YouTube pair Jamal and Zukiee.

“The three-day boot camp was both exciting and challenging. At first, I was quite slow in my response but once I got the hang of the rules, my response became quicker. The thing about comedy is that you have to be careful so as not to say anything offensive,” adds Julia.

“It was a new experience for me but something I wouldn’t mind trying at least once. While there, I got feedback from participants that I was quite funny,” says Julia, who will make her debut on Astro’s Super Spontan Superstar tonight at 10pm on Warna and Mustika (Astro channels 132 and 134, respectively).

Two teams will pit against each other. Julia has been chosen to join team Monyet Mafia along with Johan, Altimet, Amyza Adnan, Zukiee, Ali Puteh and Kamal Adli.

Harimau Hipster, led by Tauke (Jambu), comprises Johan’s wife Ozlynn, Jamal, Abam Bocey, Shuk, Fad Bocey and Zulin Aziz.

SSS is hosted by Datuk AC Mizal, and Afdlin Shauki acts as permanent jury. The show also features celebrity guest judges every week.

Each week, one person is eliminated from the team.

The champion will take home RM100,000, while the first and second runners-up will receive RM50,000 and RM25,000 respectively.

The fourth, fifth and sixth-placed winners will receive RM5,000 each.

Each week, the winning team will name a celebrity in need of financial assistance where RM5,000 is allocated for that purpose.

Julia, who has just completed shooting a telemovie called Bahagia Bersamamu, has also revealed her plans of ending her single life soon.

For starters, she has attended the compulsory marriage course. In not so many words, she also shares that her other half, affectionately known as “Johan”, is a mechanical engineer who prefers to be in the background.

“We plan to wed either this year or next year. On the kind of wedding I want? Well, I have always wanted a small, intimate ceremony. Right now, we are taking our own sweet time looking for suitable venues,” says Julia, adding that she will continue to be active in the industry even after matrimony.