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Two of South Korea’s most wanted actors Lee and Kim (right) are best buds in real life.
Two of South Korea’s most wanted actors Lee and Kim (right) are best buds in real life.

Few fans know that tall, hunky actors Kim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk are very supportive of each other’s career

FANS of the South Korean entertainment scene will have no trouble recognising tall, hunky actors Kim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk.

The two have known each other since their modelling days, but their friendship grew stronger when they co-starred in the hit drama series, School 2013.

Coincidentally, Lee and Kim are also starring in the prime-time drama series, W-Two Worlds and Uncontrollably Fond, respectively.

Due to this and the fact that they are very sought-after as actors, South Korean media sees them as rivals when in reality, they are supportive of each other.

“Before I accepted the role in W-Two Worlds, I was actually offered a cameo appearance in Woobin’s show. Of course, I could no longer do that after deciding to be part of W-Two Worlds,” explains Lee, 26.

He adds that they encourage each other in their careers.

“Because we are great friends, I do not think of him as a competitor at all,” says Lee.

However, as Lee is busy filming W-Two Worlds, he hasn’t had the chance to watch Uncontrollably Fond yet.

“I heard that he worked out really hard before filming began as there was a scene where he had to appear shirtless. This has made me wonder whether I should train just as hard and request for a scene where I too get to remove my top,” he quips.

Romantic drama W-Two Worlds is the latest K-drama to take fans by storm, thanks to its unique storyline.

Lee plays Kangchul, a former Olympic gold medallist who is also a young heir. The other lead character, Oh Yeonjoo (played by actress Han Hyojoo), is a strong and outgoing second-year medical student.

Her father goes missing and during the search for him, she stumbles upon Kangchul and risks her life to save his.

Kangchul claims he doesn’t belong to this world and it makes her question if parallel universes really do exist.

“I certainly feel that this is a project that any actor or actress would love to be part of as the script is exciting and unique. I am absolutely honoured to be a part of this drama series,” says Lee.

His character Kangchul is tall, handsome and flawless but Lee, who is 186cm tall, says he isn’t pressured at all in portraying such a character. But then, he already looks that way.

“However, to bring out Kangchul’s attitude and characteristics, I do pay a lot of attention to my fashion style in the series,” he says.

As for the romantic scenes, Lee has no qualms about building up chemistry with Han, even though she is two years older.

“In the drama, our characters are the same age. In real life, our ages are not that much different, so we feel really comfortable working together,” he says.

“Besides, she has a wealth of acting experience and is always sharing tips and acting techniques with me.”

Both Han and Lee are award-winners and this makes their on-screen collaboration a must-see for K-drama fans.

“My first impression of Hyojoo is that she is very fair, tall and pretty,” says Lee.

“I truly enjoy working with her because she is charismatic in her own unique way. There are lots of intimate scenes, but the more we film these, the more at ease I feel.”

Han won Best Actress for the film Cold Eyes, and starred in the films Masquerade and The Beauty Inside.

Lee won multiple Best Actor awards for his portrayal in the series, Pinocchio, and I Can See Your Voice. Previously, he starred in the series Doctor Stranger, High Kick! 3 and Secret Garden.

Late last year, he ended his contract with Wellmade Yedang agency and started his own, despite getting offers from other companies.

However, in May, he signed a contract with the top talent agency, YG Entertainment, in order to focus on acting in a more stable environment.

“The new company is great! The company building is famous for its cafeteria food, but it isn’t as tasty as I expected,” he says. Oh!K

W-Two Worlds airs every Thursday and Friday at 8.55pm, within 24 hours of its Korea premiere, on Oh!K (Astro Channel 394).

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