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A quality briefcase and wallet are among the essentials for the image-conscious man.
Silver cufflinks and tie-bar.
Woven leather bracelet in red for the modern man.
Brown printed leather bracelet that’s elegant and understated.
The striking steamer bag with its bold serpent motif.
A watch for the stylish gentleman.
Gold, serpent- themed cufflinks.
Special edition pens in black precious resin.
“The briefcase is a representation of who he is, what he does and how important he is.” Anouar Guerraoui

Stylish, well-designed accessories can help enhance a professional man’s image. At Montblanc, Meera Murugesan finds products that cater to all tastes and needs

IN the professional and business world, image is just as important as talent and ability. The way a man dresses and carries himself sends a subtle message about his personality, confidence and abilities.

To enhance his image and make an impression, he should have some well- selected accessories as part of his professional life, such as a good quality pen, watch, business card holder, wallet and a well-crafted briefcase, says Anouar Guerraoui, managing director of Southeast Asia for Montblanc.

The high-end brand is known for its leather goods, watches, accessories and writing instruments.


Where luxury writing instruments are concerned, there is still a great demand for such items among professionals and businessmen but the design favoured varies according to age.

Anouar explains that in Malaysia for example, older men (generally classified as “traditional businessmen”) prefer Montblanc’s iconic or classic designs because these fit with the image they want to portray.

Younger professionals prefer contemporary or novelty designs which reflect or match their lifestyles and careers.

However, Montblanc frequently re-works its much loved classics to make them more sophisticated and contemporary while at the same time, retain the traditional values of the brand.

As a result, these classic items now appeal to a new generation of consumers.

A writing instrument, especially a good quality one, certainly says something about a man’s personal standards but it’s also a practical and essential daily tool.

“One needs to write down ideas and thoughts because our days are busy and we can’t just let things slip by,” says Anouar.


Small leather goods are the most popular Montblanc items purchased by men here and the top three most purchased products are wallets, business card holders and belts.

Anouar says the traditional businessman will opt for safe colours like black and standard or classic shapes and designs while younger men prefer a variety of colours, skins and functionality.

“The traditional businessman will usually own a classic black leather wallet meant to last many years while the younger professional will have wallets for different occasions or seek multi-tasking accessories.”

Men who travel extensively for example, may have a different wallet for travel use or use a travel organiser with compartments for credit cards.


The briefcase or document case is also an essential accessory for the professional man.

“The briefcase is a representation of who he is, what he does and how important he is,” explains Anouar.

The classic briefcase is still the preferred choice of the older businessman but younger professionals, depending on the nature of their work and the environment at their workplace, may prefer a well-designed backpack or messenger bag. Over the years, Montblanc has started catering to these emerging needs as well.

“We have products for every single need and taste and it’s great to know that we can fulfil all these different needs and tastes.”


Anouar says there’s also a pattern or trend among men in this region to reward themselves as they move up the corporate or business world.

They may start with owning a good writing instrument and then treat themselves to a luxury watch or high quality briefcase as their career progresses. They are willing to invest in and upgrade their accessories to reflect their new status.

Another emerging trend among young professional men in this region is the use of accessories such as bracelets.

While ornaments for men are usually confined to cufflinks, many young professionals these days are drawn to masculine bracelets because they want to make a statement about their personality and lifestyles.


MONTBLANC’S 110th Anniversary Collection introduces limited and special edition writing instruments that are elegant and captivating.

The Rouge et Noir Special Editions Black and Coral as well as the Limited Edition 1906 in black ebonite are must-haves for those who appreciate luxury writing instruments.

A central element of design in these pens is a stylised serpent which coils around the cap-top and adorns the Au 750 gold nib. It connotes power, seduction and renewal.

The serpent motif is also beautifully represented in its leather goods.†The Montblanc 110th Anniversary Steamer Bag, for example, has a coral red serpent motif which provides a striking contrast to the dark, soft grain leather of the bag.

Removable leather luggage tags in coral, adorned with the serpent motif have also been attached to a range of leather goods, from classic, single gusset briefcases and stylish messenger bags to duffle bags, wallets and business card holders.

Even cufflinks are given the touch of the serpent. A range of striking and elegant cufflinks in the anniversary collection also pay tribute to the snake theme in a very unusual but attractive manner.

The use of red gold and stones such as rubies, sapphires or emeralds to represent the eyes of the serpent make these cufflinks truly outstanding pieces of jewellery.

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