Hello Elvis owners Zarith Haslinda Ahmad Damanhuri (left) and Nora Ashikin Ahmad Damanhuri.
Soft serve ice cream is lower in milk fat.
A cosy corner in the shop.

THERE used to be many ice cream shops in Ipoh. Popular ones, such as ABJ and Blue Window, were usually located near the cinemas. They were frequented by youngsters after the movies.

At the time, “Magnolia” was the most popular ice cream brand.

It was served with decorative fruit and nut toppings.

Now, soft serve ice cream shops are mushrooming everywhere.

Milk Cow, from South Korea, is fast gaining in popularity in Ipoh and there are also branches in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

But, Ipoh has its own local soft serve ice cream parlour known as “Hello Elvis”.

Soft serve ice cream is softer than regular ice creams as a result of
air being introduced during freezing.

It is lower in milk fat and the air content, called overrun, alters the taste of the finished product.

“We named our shop Hello Elvis in memory of our ayah (father). Ayah loved Elvis Presley and he would sing Elvis’ songs at home,” said owner Nora Ashikin Ahmad Damanhuri.

The shop is in a 30-year-old building in Jalan Sultan Iskandar.

Sisters Nora and Zarith Haslinda fell in love with the building the minute they set their eyes on it.

They were born in Batu Gajah but grew up in Kuala Lumpur, where Zarith works as an architect and Nora is an estate agent.

“We lived in Ipoh when we were little, but our family moved to Kuala Lumpur and we grew up there,” said Nora.

She said they decided to open
the ice cream parlour in Ipoh as they loved the slow-paced city, where people were friendly and laid-back.

“Hello Elvis is eight months old and is gaining in popularity.

“Teenagers come here for chocolate brownies topped with ice cream and churro with ice cream,” she said, adding that the ice cream parlour was open from 2pm to 11pm daily.

Besides reasonably-priced ice cream, they also serve Coney dogs, French fries, wedges and spaghetti.

“Churro is a fried dough served with ice cream imported from Italy.

“We have vanilla, chocolate, mocha, green tea, coconut, chocolate and durian ice creams. We change our ice cream varieties every two months.”

Nora said they planned to give discount cards to schools and provide catering for birthday parties.

“We have three workers. When we are in Kuala Lumpur, they manage the place,” she said, adding that they were only in Ipoh at the weekends due to their job commitments.

“We hope to find jobs in Ipoh so that we can focus on our ice cream parlour.”

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