Azlan prefers the cautious approach. Pix by MUNIRA ABDUL GHANI.

AZLAN & The Typewriter is not a new name in the local entertainment scene. But so far, the group has only released an album, Petaminda Vol 1, in 2009.

“We were supposed to cut a full album this year. But looking at the current music scene, it is better to put the plan on hold first. I think now is not the right time to rush into that. It’s better to be slow but sure,” says frontman Nor Azlan Rosle.

Besides the album, the alternative rock band has a string of singles, including soundtracks for movies such as Idola for Saw Teong Hin’s Hoore! Hoore! (2012) and Mata Hati for Faisal Ishak’s Juvana 2: Terperangkap Dalam Kebebasan (2015).

Last April, it released the single Lebih Baik Sendiri and recently released another single, Lambat Tinggal.

Azlan, 34, says they’ve decided to be cautious as the local music trend is a little unpredictable. “What if we spend a chunk of our money on a full album, only to get a little in terms of sales; it certainly will not justify our hard work. I think it will be safer to go ahead with producing singles for the time being,” he says.

However, its careful approach is almost contradictory to its latest single, which features lyrics about the importance of not dilly-dallying.

“It’s not that we are taking our own sweet time to produce an album but rather it’s the question of us waiting for the right time to do so. While it’s important to work hard, it’s also equally important to work smart, in order to be productive and efficient. We’re still finalising the songs to be featured in the album,” explains Azlan .

The latest single, Lambat Tinggal, composed by Azlan, has a more upbeat tempo. This is a departure from its usual heavier fare.

“It’s a fun and uplifting song of encouragement of sorts,” says Azlan of the single which has been chosen by the virtual mobile network operator OneXOX as its theme song.

“As we’ve worked well together for Mentor Milenia (which was aired on TV3 earlier this year), the band is happy to give priority to OneXOX. But that doesn’t mean we are tied exclusively to the company.”

Lambat Tinggal is also the theme song for a motorcycle racing team, The Komanz Kru Racing.

Azlan & the Typewriter is also preparing for a concert, High Note 2016, to be held on Nov 25 and 27 at Istana Budaya, before it closes for renovation works. The concert will include vocal powerhouses Ziana Zain and Jaclyn Victor.

Azlan says the concert is inspired by his and Ziana’s performance at the Anugerah Bintang Popular BH in 2011. The performance saw both singers hitting the high notes, prompting fans to ask for more.

“I agree that our collaboration should not just stop at ABPBH. But to have such a collaboration right after the awards show would not create much of an impact.

“So, I figured we let fans wait a little so that they will long to see us collaborate again. It is important to build up the momentum, you know and the right time to bring back that magic is now,” he explains.

Azlan says that Ziana will be the main star of the evening. Holding the legendary singer in high esteem, he feels that he has yet to be at par with Ziana, regarded to be one of the singers capable to hit the high notes effortlessly.

“To include Jaclyn (Victor), is a bonus... it’s perfect. We all know her capability, there’s no question about it. Besides, it goes well with the 1Malaysia concept,” says Azlan who has started jogging to build up his stamina for the concert.

He says he does not mind Ziana and Jac overshadowing him at the concert. “As long as the audience goes home happy and satisfied, that is sufficient for me. To be sharing the stage with two big names like theirs is already an honour. Never mind if I end up in their shadows,” says Azlan.

The concert, organised by Dhia Malaika with the co-operation of Istana Budaya and Segitiga Asia Entertainment, features well-known music director Rudi Mohammad at the helm.

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