One person was injured and at least 10 vehicles were buried in a major landslide which struck Taman Idaman, Serendah early this morning.
Siti Faridah Abdullah carrying her stuff to the evacuation centre. About 340 residents of Taman Idaman in Serendah here have been instructed to leave their homes following a major landslide early this morning. Pix by Mohd Yusni Ariffin

KUALA KUBU BARU: It was a traumatic experience for stall owner Normah Ninggal, 48, when she heard a loud noise and witnessed several cars parked next to her food stall disappeared into the ground in an early morning landslide near Taman Idaman in Serendah today.

Shocked, she and her children ran as fast as they could towards their house nearby while the ground continued to shake, revealing a large sinkhole.

"My children and I just ran towards our house and we can see the trees shaking and the ground suddenly opened up and caved in.

"Right now, I am just thankful that my family is safe although I may have lost my stall to the tragedy," she said.

Another resident, Amirul Hakim, 18, said he was stunned and literally froze up upon seeing the stalls and cars falling into the football-field-sized sinkhole one after another.

"It was a shocking sight. We can even hear the soil moving...I think this is the first time a landslide has occurred in Serendah.

Meanwhile, his friend Mohd Fareez Hanudin, 21, was injured with minor cuts and was sent to the Selayang Hospital.

He was on his motorcycle when the landslide occurred.

At least 10 vehicles were reportedly buried in the landslide.

Police have declared the landslide area as Red Zone and 340 residents were given until 1.45pm to evacuate the area.

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