According to the creator of hipster doughnut, Nor Nafishah Ab Hamid, there are currently five available flavours. Blue for blueberry, green for pandan, yellow for durian, pink for strawberry dan chocolate. BERNAMA Photo.
Hipster doughnuts draw in the crowd with its tempting shades and tastes. BERNAMA Photo.

KUALA KANGSAR: Once upon a time, doughnuts in fanciful colours and flavours could only be found in chain stores of reputable companies.

Now, a humble food stall here has made them easily available, so much so that these colourful doughnuts have gone viral on social media.

Doughnut lovers in Kuala Kangsar are enjoying this sweet snack, known as the ‘hipster doughnut’ from a food stall owned by husband-and-wife team Mohd Izwan Mohamed Nazir, 36, and Nor Nafishah Ab Hamid, 35, in Taman Chandan Puteri.

Nor Nafishah said she started the doughnut business about two weeks ago with her husband, offering customers a wide range of variety and flavours such as strawberry, durian, pandan, chocolate and blueberry.

“I have been in the business of selling various types of snacks such as Malaysia burgers, cucur badak, curry puffs and banana cheese for the past two years. Only recently have we started selling doughnuts too,” she told Bernama recently.

Nor Nafishah said she did not expect that her hipster doughnuts, priced at 50 sen each, could be sold up to 600 pieces a day and that it would go viral on social media.

“I am surprised to see people come to our stall even before it opens at 3.30pm and the doughnuts will be sold out by 4pm or 5pm.

“I am thankful that this snack has gone viral. I get many customers and the profit is good,” said Nor Nafishah, adding that her stall operates daily except Fridays.

The mother of three said she use 15kg of flour to produce about 600 pieces of doughnuts and is assisted by her husband at the stall.

“I have a plan to make more doughnuts, but can’t do it yet as I am the only one who prepares the dough as early as 5am daily and I am also the only one frying the doughnuts,” she said.

Sharing her experience, Nor Nafishah said she initially wanted to commercialise her banana cheese snack and didn’t expect her trial run of making hipster doughnuts would receive such overwhelming response from customers.

“I like to try something new and this idea came about when my sister and I were at a night market in Kuala Lumpur and decided to try making doughnuts for home consumption first before starting to sell them at the stall,” she said.

She now has regular customers who make early reservations by phone, fearing that the doughnuts and several other snacks would sell out fast.

Besides the doughnut business, she has also been taking orders for catering and event celebrations but only on Saturdays and Sundays to supplement the family income.

Customer Nurnabila Ahmad said when she learned about the hipster doughnuts on social media, she decided to go to the stall to try them.

“When I arrived, the stall was not open yet, but many customers were already lining up waiting and most of them wanted to buy the hipster doughnuts,” said Nurnabila, adding that the doughnuts were fluffy, soft and tasty. -- BERNAMA

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