Perlis National Border Security Agency (Aksem) officers raided a ketum farm in Bukit Bukit Dusun, Titi Tampang, Panggas. Pix by MUHAMMAD MUSTAKIM RAMLI.

PADANG BESAR: The Perlis National Border Security Agency (Aksem) made a surprising discovery today when they found a ‘ketum juice bar’ in an orchard in Bukit Bukit Dusun, Titi Tampang, Panggas here.

The ‘juice bar’, which had been in existence for six months, was part of a ketum farm, whose owner was detained in the 10am raid.

The raiding party was led by Nik Md Nazri Nik Sukri.

Also detained were four men aged between 20 and 40, who were suspected to have been involved in the ketum juice processing and trading.

The ketum juice were being sold at RM5 per packet and RM10 per 1.5 litre bottle.

It was learnt that 20 bar patrons fled into the paddy fields and bushes surrounding the area upon realising the raiding party's arrival.

State Aksem Commander Deputy Superintendent Syed Basri Syed Ali said the bust, which saw the seizure of ketum juice worth about RM15,753, was carried out after a period of surveillance, following a tip-off from the local community.

About 32 large plastic bags of ketum leaves weighing 135kg, 125 packets of ketum juice weighing 500ml each, 41 dozens of 1.5 litre bottles, 56 bottles of 100ml cough syrup and 40 bottles of processed ketum juice weighing 1.5 litre each worth were seized at the ketum 'one-stop centre'.

“This is the first time we raided a 'one-stop-centre' of this kind in Perlis over the past few years.

“We would like to thank concerned citizens and urge more members of public to come forward with information on such activities in their respective areas," he told a press conference at the Chuping Aksem office today.

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