White jeans — they are too cool and so complicated that only those blessed with above-average styling quotient will be able to pull them off.

Things to ponder: Firstly, you have to be extra careful with where to sit or what to lean on while wearing that pure colour.

Secondly, styling it up can be tricky and you really need loads of creative juice just to make sure that your ensemble does not look awkward or mismatched.

But when styled well, a pair of white jeans is a solid fashion statement that says “I’m cool and I know it”.

The key to styling white jeans should be the same as wearing the classic blue jeans — it lies in finding the best cut and fabric and most importantly, the fit to suit your body shape.

If you haven’t decided whether to jump on the white jeans bandwagon, check out these looks for reference. This pair of white jeans is by House of Bubblegum from FashionValet.com.


Layering always works when it comes to styling an all-white outfit. Wear a blazer over a white top and pair with white jeans and white shoes for that relaxed, couldn’t-care-less look. Blazer by Shazwany Zaki@FashionValet.com


For that fun and playful look, pair skinny white jeans with ripped detailing in the knees with your best pullover (plain or with big, in-your-face prints) and sneakers - all in white. The trick is while they are all in one colour, the textures will add depth to your look. Chuck away accessories and just let your hair down.


Throw an off-white turtleneck with white ripped jeans and complete the outfit with a long and flowy cardigan in a bold colour. Cardigan by Izette by Zizie Izette@FashionValet.com


Thinking of going casual by mixing traditional and modern? Throw together a simple ensemble of traditional cheongsam top in a soft pastel shade with rugged white jeans and you’re ready to go.


White ripped jeans can go well with heels and a cute top with floral prints. With or without accessories, the outfit is chic for a quick lunch break on a hot sunny day or to rock the night away.

Stylist: Charmaine Wong (@charmwasabi)
Make-up Artist: Wan Nadia Najwa
Wan Abdul Shukor (@nadea_najwa)
Models: S. Ramah Vahshinie (@rvahshinie) and Mel Mohsen (@mellemoz)

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