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NANOWHITE has dished out a triple treat for skin to enjoy lasting fairness, smoother skin and instant glow.

Making these wonders happen are the three new stars of the Nanowhite lineup - Double Action Whitening Gel-Cream, Skin Renewing Aqua Gel and Intensive Brightening Mask. These products are the latest to join the basic range of the skin-whitening brand.

Tired of skin turning darker even though you are rigorous with your skincare routine?

Maintaining a bright and even skin tone is challenging due to the skin-damaging elements around us.

Given that we are constantly surrounded by free radicals which oxidise skin cells, our skin-whitening efforts are reversed and skin turns dull again.

But the Double Action Whitening Gel-Cream is designed to make bright complexion last and fight these skin nuisances. Upon application, the Nanowhite Super Antioxidant capsule with concentrated Vitamin C and E is released to neutralise free radicals, thus protecting skin radiance.

This allows for maximum efficacy, thus doubling the whitening effect. It also minimises the appearance of dark spots.

Fair skin looks best when it is smooth and fresh. This is where the Skin Renewing Aqua Gel wows. The gentle, non-abrasive exfoliating gel removes unsightly black heads and dead skin cells, leaving skin silky and renewed.

The final touch for fantastic skin is to seal in moisture and the Intensive Brightening Mask contains natural extracts that instantly illuminate and hydrate skin to reveal fairer and more radiant looking skin.

The three products are suitable for all skin types.

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