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PETALING JAYA: Indonesian singer-actor Irwansyah and his fashion designer wife, Zaskia Sungkar, have been blissfully married for six years.

Unfortunately, they have yet to be blessed with the pitter-patter sound of tiny feet.

Not wanting to give up, the couple plan to seek help from fertility treatment specialists in Penang at the end of the month.

“Many of my friends have gone and come back with positive results. They highly recommend it,” Irwansyah said at the set of a new drama series Dia in Sunway Pyramid Hotel here recently.

The star of the heart-wrenching Indonesian film Heart, 31, admitted that looking at other couples with children had made him want to have his own, too.

“People keep asking us when the baby will come... we just choose to not think about it too much.”

Nevertheless, the artiste said he and his wife, 26, had never stopped praying and were hoping for good news.

“In the meantime, instead of mulling over it, Zaskia and I have decided that it is important for us to live a stress-free life.

“We travel the world, just the two of us, so life has been wonderful.”

Irwansyah, who is in town to film the locally-produced 60-episode drama serial, was one of three Indonesian actors in the cast. The other two are Sandrinna Michelle and Kevin Andrean. Local players comprise Janna Nick, Izara Aishah and Adi Putra.

Irwansyah plays a young Indonesian man named Adit, who is forced to inherit his recently-deceased father’s business empire in Malaysia.

“I actually took on this project because I wanted to give a gift to my Malaysian fans, who have been waiting for my comeback in the entertainment scene.”

Irwansyah had, in the past three years, been busy managing R1 Production — his culinary business, real estate and production house.

“I haven’t been active much in showbiz during that time. I only did two Indonesian films and recorded several soundtracks.

“So, I hope Dia will fulfil my fans’ longing to see me on screen.”

This marks Irwansyah’s first work in a Malaysian production. Directed by Eoon Shuhaini, the series will air in November on TV3.

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