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(File pix) A 58-year-old man was arrested for allegedly had sex with a stray dog in Tung Chung, Hong Kong.

HONG KONG: A construction worker has been arrested and charged with bestiality after he allegedly had sex with a stray dog in Tung Chung.

Police said the 58-year-old man was seen by a dog lover using food to lure the female dog, aged about two, into a remote Wong Lung Hang stream area on Feb 1.

The witness, a 48-year-old woman who often walks her dog in the area and visited the stray dogs there, later found the dog had an injury to its lower part and the man had disappeared.

She took the dog to a nearby vet for treatment. The vet believed the animal might have been sexually assaulted by a person.

The man was arrested at a bus station in Tung Chung on Thursday.

He was charged with one count of bestiality and will appear in West Kowloon Court on Friday morning.

The dog is being treated in a veterinary clinic.

According to the Crimes Ordinance, a person who commits buggery with an animal is guilty of the crime of bestiality and on conviction faces imprisonment of up to 10 years and a fine of HK$50,000.

This article first appeared in the South China Morning Post.

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