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Khirunnizam Mohd Lani claims his Bombtrack Arise bicycle was damaged by Kuala Lumpur City Hall. Courtesy pix.
Khirunnizam says City Hall refused to release his bicycle and that he must wait for seven days and pay RM300 in compounds for towing and storage. Courtesy pix.

KUALA LUMPUR: A bicycle messenger who locked his bicycle at a bus stop near Wisma Central on Monday, has claimed that Kuala Lumpur City Hall damaged his RM3,000 ride after impounding it.

Khirunnizam Mohd Lani was doing his delivery rounds near the area on Monday night when he locked his bicycle to a bus stop railing.

He later returned to find his bicycle missing.

He said a food truck operator who was at the scene said City Hall officers had cut the lock to his bicycle and carted it away.

He later went to a storage depot in Taman Miharja, Cheras to collect his bicycle and pay the fine.

However, upon arrival there, he was horrified to find his Bombtrack Arise bicycle badly damaged.

City Hall also refused to release the bicycle, stating that he had to wait seven days before the bicycle can be released.

He was also informed that he would have to pay RM300 in compounds for towing, storage as well as the fine.

Khirunnizam, who has worked full time for Velo Express since October 2015, says he uses the bicycle for work, and now doesn't have one to resume work.

He claims he has been parking throughout the city and has not encountered any issue with parking and locking the bicycle before.

"If City Hall wants to issue fines for locking our bicycle, then please provide adequate parking bays for these bicycles, because currently there aren't any," he said.

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