Nadzri (left) and Nik, the founder and co-founder of Moovby.
A screenshot of the Moovby app in action
Cars like this Almera can be rented for RM12 per hour

CARS are a necessity in Malaysia, especially for intercity travel. However, for high-density cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor Baru and Penang, using motorcycles or public transport is a more reasonable way of mobility.

The motorcycle and public transport users do own a car, but it is a no-brainer why they choose not to drive to work since driving during rush hour is impractical.

The cars they own will remain unutilised and be driven only during weekends or balik kampung during festive seasons.

An underutilised car can offset the rationality of the involved costs, such as maintenance and monthly instalments.

Why not rent out your car when it is not being used? Well, here’s Moovby, a mobile app that gathers car owners and renters under one roof.

Founded by Nadzri, 23, and Nik, 28, Moovby is essentially a platform that works both ways. Recently launched on Jan 17, the app enables owners to register their cars as well as allows users to choose the cars they would like to rent.

Apart from listing cars from professionals who rarely drive them, Moovby is also a significant app for students since rental car ‘advertisements’ are usually found on notice boards, sometimes scattered and mixed with other services.

Students seeking to rent a car can now go directly to a platform where they can conveniently browse through the types of vehicles as well as check their availability without the need to reach the owners.

“When I was a student, I did this manually in campus. I collected and gathered the contact numbers of car owners and when there were requests for cars, I linked the available cars to the renters based on their needs and I earned a few per cent from the total rental charges,” Nadzri said.

Speaking on the app’s name, Nadzri explained: “It is a combination of move and nearby, thus Moovby.”

To rent a car on Moovby, all the customer needs to do is to upload the photo of his IC and driving licence. Once verified - which is usually within 24 hours - the customer can start browsing.

The cars can be searched by location as well as by type. Moovby will display the available cars within a radius of 15km from the location keyed in. To filter the types of cars, renters can select the vehicle type (compact, 4X4, sedan, MPV or van) or the vehicle brands.

As for the owners, they can list their cars by submitting banking details and vehicle documents such as road tax and insurance. Any four-wheeled vehicles will do, as long as it has been registered for no longer than six years.

Owners need not worry about their vehicles being used for illegal purposes. For their peace of mind, every single renter will be screened and the Moovby team will also do cross-checks with their database before verification.

Nadzri said: “To date, we have around 1,100 cars registered on Moovby and it ranges from compact cars like Viva, Iriz and Myvi to seven-seaters like Exora, Estima and Alphard.”

Rental charge depends on the size of the car as well as its market value. “The cheapest car in Moovby is the Perodua Viva, at RM6 per hour. 15 per cent of the total rental charge will be transferred to us,” he added.

For the future, Nadzri aims to require each vehicle (new and existing ones) to be equipped with GPS tracking devices. He also hopes that the Moovby team can operate 24 hours a day, as opposed to 9am to 11pm currently.

For Android users, the app can be downloaded from Play Store while for iOS users, the app is expected to be available on App Store by the end of this month.

For more information, search for Moovby on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They can also be reached by email at or call 018-2474614.

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