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KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia provides an excellent opportunity for Bloomberg LP to expand its investments more aggressively, said chairman Peter T. Grauer.

The technology shifts in the financial markets and the electronification of markets have kept the global business and financial information and news leader very much interested in Malaysia.

“Markets have become more efficient and that includes the central bank and key banks which operate in the interbank market on a daily basis,” he said.

That aside, it is also the asset management community which presents a unique opportunity.

“If you look at our business mix, 52 per cent is on the ‘sell’ side (banks and brokerage firms) while 48 per cent is on the ‘buy’ side, which are hedge funds, corporations, government agencies, institutional investment firms and small asset management firms.”

For Grauer, Malaysia provides a big opportunity in both the “sell” and the “buy” side.

“So you can count on us continuing to be quite aggressive in how we invest in the market locally.”

Its swanky office in Petronas Tower 3, here, marked the company’s emphasis on branding, he added.

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