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It is normal for malls to have an internal fountain as a decorative feature.
A good way to have Good Feng Shui at the mall is by installing water elements at the facade.
Some malls are already attractive from their designs, such as the Starhill Gallery.
Water is the secret to attract positive qi and attract people to the mall.
A mall’s main entrance location also determines whether it can have a Good Feng Shui.
Malls with good Feng Shui will definitely be receiving a lot of visitors in the long run.

AT one point, Malaysia had three malls — 1 Utama, Mid Valley Megamall and Sunway Pyramid — listed among the top 10 biggest malls in the world in terms of gross space available for leasing.

What is certain now is that all those malls are crowded everyday, especially on the weekends and during the public holidays.

For those who know about Feng Shui, they will agree that those mall’s interior and exterior have good Feng Shui elements that can surely attract people for a long period and make business boom.

Feng Shui Master Kenny Hoo said whether it was merely a coincidence or if the developers had looked at Feng Shui elements in the initial design stage, the malls have indeed followed the basic conditions of many Good Feng Shui attributes.

“For example, when 1 Utama was opened in 1995, there were doubts if it would prosper but after the intervention of a Feng Shui master, business gradually improved. It survived the 1998 Asian economy crisis and in 2002, it even began construction of the new wing,” Hoo told NST Property.

Officially launched in 2004, 1 Utama’s New Wing entrance faces the southwest position and is able to embrace the sunshine, and simultaneously able to resonate with the positive qi from the Period-8 until the whole Period-9 cycle in 2043.

“No wonder, with the completion of the New Wing of 1 Utama, not only has the business escalated to a higher level, it also gave birth to the link between the old mall and the new wing - the five-star One World Hotel and other commercial office buildings. Of course, these new buildings also sit well and possess internal and external designs that have Good Feng Shui basic elements.”

In some occasions, bad elements such as a big U-turn behind a mall might affect the businesses of the shops close to the roundabout as it “is as if a spinning wheel is cutting the leg and continuously cutting through it”, which was a situation that must be resolved with a Feng Shui remedy, said Hoo.

“It (Bad elements) will not be good for the shop owners and the mall will not be that prosperous. Of course, they can do some promotional activities, but that will only be a temporary solution.”

Hoo said it was recommended to install water features such as water fountains so as to further enhance the Good Feng Shui, but that must be done with to an expert’s guidance.

“In the Klang Valley, there are some malls that are not doing very well. They can improve the situation by using the water technique, besides relocating the actual main entrances. Water is the secret to Feng Shui as it can help absorb positive qi quickly,” he said.

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