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Beto Kusyairy won Best Actor at the Pesta Perdana 2017 for his portrayal of Ustaz Sharul in ‘ Kisah Tok Kadi’.

AWARD-WINNING actor Beto Kusyairy made Malaysia proud recently when he won Best Actor at Singapore’s television awards show, Pesta Perdana 2017.

The 37-year-old won the award for his convincing portrayal of Ustaz Sharul in the heartwarming drama-comedy TV series Kisah Tok Kadi, aired on Singapore’s Suria channel last year.

It came as a surprise to Beto to hear his name announced as the winner of the award, since he thought that he was there only to present an award.

Appearing speechless and stunned, the Kuala Lumpur-born artiste was made known only of his nomination for Best Actor several days prior to the awards night.

He never thought he would stand a chance.

“I was told about my nomination by the TV series’ production team in Singapore,” he said.

“When I started acting, the thought of winning an award never crossed my mind.

“It is always about putting out great work first. If and when the awards do come, they are just an added bonus,” he told the New Straits Times after his win.

“It’s an overwhelming feeling and I’m truly honoured to have won.

“My hard work has been recognised.”

Beto, who has been busy working on one production set to another, said there would be no major celebration.

“Life goes on for me,” he said, adding that he was busy preparing his monologue performance for the Wings And Superfriends charity concert, which takes place from tomorrow.

In 2012, Beto won the Best Actor award at the Anugerah
P. Ramlee for his performance in Selagi Cinta Berzikir. Last year, he took home a couple of trophies at the Anugerah Skrin 2016 — Best Actor in Drama (Ramadan Berteduh Syawal) and Best Supporting Actor in Film (Bravo 5).

Beto has captivated the hearts of many through his strong and steady performance.

Kisah Tok Kadi emerged the biggest winner at the 14th edition of Pesta Perdana, picking up an additional three trophies — Most Promising Actor/Actress (Fazlyna Aziz), Best Actor In A Supporting Role (Sufian Ahmad) and Most Popular Programme.

The annual awards show is held to honour the best of Singapore’s Malay TV industry.

Organised by Suria channel, it was broadcast live from
the MES Theatre at Mediacorp on Suria channel. By Loong Wai Ting

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