ALOR STAR: The 25-year-old man, found stabbed to death at a back alley in Taman Arked, Sungai Petani on Monday, was believed to have been killed over a RM2,000 money owed to him.

The victim, identified as Liu Chee Wee, from Penang, was about to collect some payment when an argument ensued between him and his borrower, which later escalated to the stabbing incident.

Kedah Criminal Investigations Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Mior Farid Al Athrash Wahid confirmed the motive behind the murder to be linked to money dispute.

He said police have detained a 19-year-old fishmonger yesterday afternoon to facilitate investigations into the case.

Police have detained a 19-year-old man in Sik yesterday afternoon to facilitate investigations. Pic by STR/OMAR OSMAN

Mior Farid said initial investigations showed the suspect owed the victim RM2,000.

He said the man was supposed to pay back RM26 daily to the victim. It was however unclear when he had taken the ‘loan’ and how long was the tenure.

It was reported that Liu was found dead with a stab wound to his chest behind a house in Taman Arked at 3pm on Monday.

A car used by the victim was found torched behind some bushes about 1km away.

Passers-by who noticed the man crying out in pain alerted the police.

However, the man was already dead when police arrived at the scene minutes later.

On Monday night, police arrested the victim’s friend, who was the owner of the torched car for questioning.

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