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Jho Low and his father Tan Sri Larry Low have been on the run since the government initiated moves to get back billions of ringgit linked to 1MDB. (NSTP File pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Tan Sri Low Hock Peng @ Larry Low did not turn up in court today to fight the government's move to seize almost RM50 million kept in his bank accounts.

Hock Peng, who is Low Taek Jho @ Jho Low's father, or any of his representatives - were nowhere to be seen at the High Court to stake a claim on the assets.

Judge Mohamed Zaini Mazlan took less than five minutes to order the money seized after hearing the application filed by Deputy Public Prosecutor Aaron Chelliah.

The cash seized included money that was in Hock Peng's current and fixed deposit accounts in RHB and Malayan Banking branches in KLCC and Plaza MWE, Penang.

The money seized included:

* RM20.7 million in current account (RHB bank)

* RM300,000 fixed deposit (RHB bank)

* RM500,000 fixed deposit (RHB bank)

* RM20 million fixed deposit (RHB bank)

* RM6.6 million fixed deposit (Malayan banking)

* RM462,618 in current account (Malayan banking)

* RM318,021 in current account (Malayan banking)

The forfeiture action was taken as the money is allegedly linked to funds stolen from 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

Hock Peng, along with his son, have both been on the run since the government initiated moves to get back billions of ringgit linked to 1MDB.

Today's forfeiture was the first one by the government on matters related to the sovereign wealth fund.

It was done under Section 56 of the Anti Money Laundering, Anti Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001.

The High Court had in April given a three months notice for anyone who wanted to contest the forfeiture action.

Chelliah informed the court that the prosecution had tried to serve the notice to Hock Peng since the application was made earlier this year.

However this had proven to be unsuccessful.

He said the authorities did not know Hock Peng's whereabouts and considered him as an "absconded person".

"The authorities have been looking for him but nobody knows where he is.

"A warrant of arrest has already been issued against him," he said before the judge ordered the money to be forfeited.

It was reported that besides money in the bank accounts, authorities had also seized Jho Low's family home in Penang, which was named El Nitsjo.

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