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Police seized a car, a revolver with six bullets, four parang, a grinder machine and a wall boring machine.. NSTP/Muhammad Zuhairi Zuber

MELAKA: Two members of Geng Tebuk specialising in breaking into safe boxes at business premises and factories were killed in a shootout with police, here, today.

The incident took place in Jalan Tasik Utama, near the Melaka International Trade Centre, Ayer Keroh.

In the 2.30am shootout, two suspects in their 30s were killed at the site of the incident, while two other gang members, believed to be foreigners, managed to escape.

State Criminal Investigations Department (CID) chief Assistant Commissioner

Mohd Nor Yhazid Idris said the gang was believed to have been active for the past one year and targeted safe boxes at business or factory premises.

He said the incident unfolded when a CID team from Bukit Aman which was patrolling in the Jalan tasik Utama junction came across a Nissan Serena.

He said the car’s four occupants were behaving suspiciously.

On checking, he said, police discovered that the vehicle was carrying false vehicle registration plates.

“As police approached, the car suddenly sped off.

“After a two kilometre chase, the suspects’ car went out of control and crashed in Jalan TU61.

“When police approached the car, all four suspects jumped out of the vehicle and the suspect who was in the front passenger seat began firing several shots in the direction of the advancing police personnel.

“Another suspect in the back seat took out a parang and began swinging it in a threatening manner at the police personnel,” he told a press conference at the Melaka Tengah police headquarters, here, today.

“Following the shootout, two of the suspects were found dead with injuries to their head and chest.

“Checks on the bodies found no identification documents.

“The duo are believed to be foreign nationals”.

He said a police K9 team was track down the two suspects who had escaped.

He said police seized a car, a revolver with six bullets, four parang, a grinder machine and a wall boring machine.

Mohd Nor said the case was being investigated under section 307 of the Penal Code for attempted murder.

Geng Tebuk is believed to be responsible for four cases with losses amounting to RM172,000.

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