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Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital has formed a task force to probe into the fake medical chits. Pix by Fathil Asri

KOTA BARU: A government hospital here is on full alert following the discovery of fake medical chits, bearing its stamp, being issued to patients.

Complaints have surfaced about patients getting long rest days based on chits issued by Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital, prompting an internal probe.

Its director, Dr Selasawati Ghazali, yesterday said this had led to the discovery of medical chits from the hospital that were issued but not signed by those in authority, as well as those that were tampered with.

“Employers have complained
to us about long rest days approved for their workers, including those from outside the state,” she said.

Dr Selasawati said the employers had sought clarifications over the long rest days approved to their workers “who did not appear to be too unhealthy”.

“Our investigations have led us to believe that some of the chits were tampered with.

“For instance, the approved rest days were two or three days but that would be changed to eight or 10 days.

“We also founds chits with fake signatures and those with different features, such as serial numbers,” she said.

She also said the hospital would deal with the matter internally
as it could be the work of its staff.

She said the fraud appeared to have started last year.

She added that no report was lodged with the authorities, but the hospital had formed a task force led by a senior officer to deal with the issue.

“We will put in place preventive measures and act against those responsible.”

State Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission director Datuk Moh Shamsuddin Yusoff said the commission would monitor the matter.

“We did not receive any official report, but have reminded the hospital to take preventive measures,” he said.

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