(File pix) The current MyRapid card will cease usage after July 15. Pix by Luqman Hakim Zubir

KUALA LUMPUR: All MyRapid card holders have been given a month starting from June 15 to change their cards and migrate to the new MyRapid Touch ’n Go (TnG) platform.

In a statement today, Prasarana Malaysia Berhad said the current MyRapid card will cease usage after July 15.

Card holders can migrate their MyRapid cards free of charge at all Rapid KL Customer Service Counters at LRT, Monorail and BRT stations, except at the Abdullah Hukum LRT station.

The migration exercise can be done during the stations’ operational hours.

For concession cards, the replacement can only be done at the concession card counter at the Pasar Seni bus hub as it requires card holders to fill in the relevant forms and to have their photos taken for identification.

The balance in the MyRapid card will be transferred into the new MyRapid TnG card with the minimum amount to be transferred set at RM5.

If the balance in the MyRapid card is not in the denomination of RM5, card holders will need to reload the card to round up the balance as the system is set as such, said Prasarana.

For card holders who are subscribers of the Smart 7, Smart 30 and MyRapid Bus 30 packages, they still get to enjoy the same discounts on the new card.

However, subscribers under these packages cannot migrate the remaining days and hence Prasarana has advised that the subscribers finish up the remaining days before migrating to the new MyRapid TnG card.

Card holders can also continue to enjoy the flat rate at the Rapid KL Park n Ride facilities in Gombak and Ampang when they take the LRT, Monorail and the BRT.

It is noted that the Park n Ride facility at Ampang LRT Station is currently open for free until September.

For further details, visit www.myrapid.com.my or write to suggest@rapidkl.com.my or call the Rapid KL contact centre at 03-7885 2525 during office hours for further enquiries.

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