Penang Agriculture and Agro-based Industry, Rural Development and Health Committee chairman Dr Afif Bahardin (second from right) visiting T. Previin at Penang Hospital yesterday. Pix by Mikail Ong

GEORGE TOWN: T. Previin only wanted to stop his best friend, T. Nhaveen, 18, from being bullied.

But, now, he will have to live his life regretting his noble intention.

Speaking from his hospital bed in Penang Hospital, Previin, 19, said the incident could have been avoided had he not confronted the two bullies who had teased Nhaveen.

“Nhaveen used to tell me stories of how he was bullied in school. His bullies would smack his head and punch his face. He is a soft and kind person... Maybe that was why they did it.”

Prior to the attack in Jalan Kaki Bukit on early Saturday morning, Previin had picked up Nhaveen from the latter’s workplace at a mall in Bayan Lepas.

Previin said they often had supper after Nhaveen finished work.

While waiting for their burgers, the two bullies started harassing and teasing Nhaveen using foul language.

A war of words broke out, but the bullies left the area soon after on a motorcycle.

“When I was about to drop Nhaveen off at his house, I saw the two bullies again. I warned them to stay away from Nhaveen. I did it for my best friend... I just wanted them to leave him in peace.”

However, things escalated.

The two bullies started beating them with helmets and called more of their friends to come.

Previin said the bullies were merciless, pounding them with helmets non-stop.

He escaped from the group on his motorcycle and went to Nhaveen’s house to alert his family members.

Together, they searched for Nhaveen, but it proved futile. A while later, they were informed that Nhaveen had been admitted to a hospital.

“Nhaveen was not troubled by being bullied.

“But, because I confronted them that night, my friend is now lying motionless and has not woken up since. I hope he will recover soon,” Previin said.

He is scheduled to undergo a surgery to address issues with his right eye tomorrow.

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