Firemen inspecting the area in Batu 14 and Batu 16 following the flash floods in Hulu Langat. Pix by MUHD ZAABA ZAKERIA.
A motorists tries to cross the road despite the road being inundated by flood waters in Hulu Langat. Pix by MUHD ZAABA ZAKERIA.

HULU LANGAT: Hundreds of vehicles were left stranded at Batu 16 near Kampung Kundang here as roads were cut off following a flash flood this afternoon.

Flood waters, which began rising about 4.30pm, have yet to subside.

Hundred of families are believed to have affected by the floods.

One of the motorists, Farah Shahida, 26, said she was on her way to her mother's house in Batu 18 when the roads became flooded.

"I have been stuck here for more than two hours. The road to my mother's house is inundated with flood waters, about waist high.

"Luckily her house is not flooded," she said.

Nazri Mizan, 34, said he was cleaning his house when he noticed the water rising fast at the drains.

"I was cleaning my house after the rain stopped, but the water began to flow inside the house. It rose to thigh high-level in seconds.

"I only managed to get my television set out," he said.

Nazri said this was the worst flood to hit the area in recent years.

Selangor Fire and Rescue Department operations officer Muhamad Hissam Sidik said they were alerted to the flood at 3.50pm.

“So far, we have yet to identity the number of people affected. But personnel involved have been ordered to relocate families living near Sungai Hulu Langat, if necessary,” he said.

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