(File pix) Asysyuhadak Ahmad, 30, (right) and 8-month-old daughter Nur Hafiya Hasri being escorted at Felda Lui Muda recently. Bernama Photo

JEMPOL: "I have to be strong… for my daughter who is only eight months old."

Those were the words of Asysyuhadak Ahmad, 30, widow of Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) pilot Major Hasri Zahari, who was killed when his Hawk 108 aircraft crashed last week.

Asysyuhadak was speaking to reporters at the handing over of RM22,000 from Tabung Amanah Perwira dan Pertahanan Negara earlier today at Hasri's hometown in Felda Lui Muda.

"On Monday, my in-laws and I bought a baju kurung for my daughter Nur Hafiya to fulfil my late husband's wish of having our daughter wear a baju kurung,” Asysyuhadak said.

She added that during current Aidilfitri preparations, she is only giving priority to her daughter, who will wear the baju kurung when the family visits Hasri's grave on Hari Raya.

She said that all Hari Raya preparations earlier this Ramadan have come to naught, but she accepts it as fate.

“Although this Raya will be gloomy, I will stay here to celebrate with my in-laws to fulfil my late husband's wish.

“Once my eddah (grieving period) is over, I will return to work with my previous employer in Kuala Lumpur, while my sister-in-law who lives in Subang, Selangor, takes care of my daughter while I'm working," she said.

Asysyuhadak, who hails from Alor Star, had earlier received a courtesy visit from RMAF's Major General Datuk Mohd Shabre Hussein, who handed over the cheque to her.

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