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Rizal, the father of Alfian Rizal, who passed away on Monday after his battle with cancer, said although he is very sad, life must go on to the media at Melaka Perdana Resort Homes. (pix by KHAIRUNISAH LOKMAN)

MELAKA: Rizal Abdullah may have lost both his sons but today, the 61-year-old is grateful that Allah has blessed him with a daughter.

Rizal, the father of Alfian Rizal, who passed away on Monday after his battle with cancer, said although he is very sad, life must go on.

"But I am not alone, I feel that Allah has sent me a daughter who is so noble at heart and hard to find," he told the New Straits Times yesterday about his daughter-in-law, Andrea Adrianna Law Abdullah.

Alfian and Andrea made the news recently when NST shared news of their wedding on August 26.

Andrea had said that she was utterly sincere in marrying Alfian, who she called her best friend, despite his stage four colon and liver cancer diagnosis in March.

Rizal said his he has been treating his daughter-in-law like his own flesh-and-blood for more than a decade.

"Since my son met her 12 years ago, I have already treated her like my own daughter.

"When she finally decided to marry him, I was so touched by her decision.

"Who would want to marry a sick man? It is very rare to find a person like that. This is called a true love," he said.

The father had said that the family intends to care for Andrea the best they can especially during these tough times.

"Although she has accepted my son's death, she is still in mourning.

"It has just been 10 days after they got married. She is trying very hard to cope.

"She may seem normal but we have to cheer her up and to remind her not to take it too hard.

"My wife and I are trying to give the love of a mother and father to help her get through this," he said, adding that he himself is learning to accept the death of his son.

Razif and his wife, Aisah Selamat, 57, had lost their first child and Alfian's elder brother, Razif Awal due to premature birth in 1981.

The grieving father added that Alfian's remains were safely buried in his mother's village in Parit Yani Tengah, Batu Pahat next to his brother, Razif Awal at 11am today.

"It was his wish to be buried next to his elder brother, and we have granted that.

"I am also happy to know that Alfian has many good and loving friends, who had only praises for him.

"They came all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, Cyberjaya, Singapore and Johor, and told me that they felt indebted to him.

"Of course as a parent, it cheers me up even though I have lost my son," he said.

Rizal added that nearly 200 people consisting of relatives and friends were present at his family home in Melaka Perdana Resort Homes in Ayer Keroh yesterday, to pay their last respects before his remains were brought to Batu Pahat in Johor.

"Some of his friends from Kuala Lumpur arrived at 1am in Melaka just to pay their last respects to him.

"He is dearly loved by relatives and friends," he said.

He added that his daughter-in-law's father also flew in from Sarawak to visit his grave today.

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