Former Mufti of Kedah Datuk Syeikh Mohammad Baderuddin Ahmad. Facebook Photo

ALOR STAR: Former Mufti of Kedah Datuk Syeikh Mohammad Baderuddin Ahmad will always remember the late Sultan of Kedah’s advice to him, to continue upholding Islam in the state.

Seventy-year-old Baderuddin said the late Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah had often shared this with him each time they met, during his eight years of service as the state’s mufti and even after he left the office last July.

He said the late sultan was dedicated to protecting Islam from any negative influences.

“I remember his words that Islam must be protected by Islamic scholars and I still hold his advice close to my heart,” he said when met at the royal mausoleum here today.

He was met after leading a group of tahfiz students to recite prayers and read verses from the Quran at the late sultan’s grave.

Baderuddin added he was scheduled to meet Sultan Abdul Halim at 5pm on Monday, but the sultan had passed away just before their meeting.

“I had met the Sultan several days before the Aidiladha celebration and I had fixed a date to meet him again on Monday.

“I was getting dress to go to Istana Anak Bukit when I received a call about his demise,” he said.

Describing the late sultan as a father figure, Baderuddin said he will never forget the kindness that Sultan Abdul Halim had bestowed on him and all of his subjects.

He said Sultan Abdul Halim also was easy to forgive and never raises his voice.

Baderuddin, who now runs a tahfiz school in Kodiang, said he will continue to teach Islam to Muslim youths as requested by the late sultan.

Sultan Abdul Halim was laid to rest next to the grave of his first wife Almarhumah Sultanah Bahiyah, who passed away in August 2003.

The royal funeral held yesterday at the royal mausoleum in Langgar, was steeped in tradition.

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