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LANGKAWI: A cat walked 5km to return to Masjid Kampung Kelibang cemetery in Kuah, where a 90-year-old man, who had been feeding stray cats at the mosque, was laid to rest.

The male white cat, apparently went all the way back to the mosque from the late Ismail Mat's home in Kampung Datuk Sanusi.

Ismail's son, Hamid, 60, said he was shocked to see the cat at the mosque when he went to visit his father's grave this morning.

"The cat then followed me to the cemetery and scratched the soil on the grave, as though it was calling my father," he said.

A video recorded on the cat's act at the grave has gone viral on social media.

The one-minute video, recorded by Ismail's grandson Zarul Hisham Md Zaid, 27, showed that the cat suddenly appearing at the grave when the 'imam' was reciting 'talkin' (funeral rites).

In the video, uploaded by Pos Malaysia Bhd Langkawi staff Facebook account, the cat was seen scratching the soil and rolling over the grave.

Ismail, a father of 13, passed away from old age about 10.15pm on Sunday at Kampung Datuk Sanusi after falling ill about a month ago.

Zarul said his grandfather loved cats and kept 10 cats at his home.

Ismail also had a habit of feeding stray cats and Zarul believed that his grandfather has also been feeding stray cats at the mosque, which explained why Putih had appeared during the funeral.

The family had then brought the cat to Ismail's home after the funeral yesterday.

A man at the mosque who wished to be identified only as Din, in his 40s, said they had named the cat Putih based on its white fur.

He said the stray cat was among a few stray cats at the mosque.

‘Si Putih’, the white male cat at the Masjid Kampung Kelibang cemetery. Pic by HAMZAH OSMAN
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