Malaysian United Party youth secretary Ong Chun Jiet showing his picture and called on Penang Island City Council (MBPP) to take responsible for its officers who scratched his vehicle with a clamp, during a press conference at its office at Lebuh Melaka, Georgetown. Pix by Mikail Ong

GEORGE TOWN: The Penang Island City Council (MBPP) has been taken to task over its alleged failure to address a report on a scratched vehicle due to negligence by its enforcement officer.

Malaysian United (MU) political party's youth secretary Ong Chun Jiet said the right front rim of his Mercedes-Benz was scratched when an MBPP officer wanted to clamp the vehicle on Oct 4 last year.

Ong said that the paint stain on the rim is consistent of the colour of the wheel clamp used by the officer.

"Due to lack of parking space at Lorong Delima 5, Island Glades, I parked my car outside the parking lot along a yellow line but I did not block the traffic there.

“I admit I committed an offence. I paid the RM50 fine to undo the clamp."

However, he claimed that there was a yellow mark on the area where the clamp was placed.

“"I pointed it out to the officer but he refused to accept his mistake. He said the mark was there even before it was clamped.

“This repair will cost me several hundred ringgit. It is a foreign car and it is not cheap to fix," he told a press conference at the party's office at Lebuh Melaka here today.

He lodged a report with MBPP on the same day after he paid the summons, urging the council to take responsibility for the officer's negligence.

Ong said that several days after the report was lodged, he was notified that MBPP was investigating the case. However they have kept quiet ever since.

He said it has been a year and MBPP has yet to offer any explanation.

“I do not want the money, that is not what I am seeking. I just want them to be held accountable, after all they are from an accountable government.

“I want them to issue an apology in a press statement, let it be published. I give them until Monday noon to do so, failing which I will take legal action against them.

“I have lawyers with evidence. I have no fear facing them in court,” he said.

In a statement, MBPP said that it had conducted an investigation and concluded that the scratches on the rim existed even before its officers clamped the car, following photographic evidence taken by its officers.

“The Road Transport Act also states that the authorities are exempted from bearing the liabilities of loss and damages on the vehicle when a clamping exercise is carried out,” read the statement.

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