Melaka state Agriculture and Entrepreneurial Development Committee chairman Datuk Hasan Abdul Rahman. Pic by NSTP/KHAIRUNISAH LOKMAN

MELAKA: Research will be conducted to identify the potential benefits of bananas, including as an aphrodisiac, to boost its consumption in addressing the oversupply of the crop here.

State Agriculture and Entrepreneurial Development Committee chairman Datuk Hasan Abdul Rahman said this followed a study by a student in using banana skin to make food products, cosmetics and even sex stimulant.

“It is undeniable that there in an oversupply of agricultural products like mangoes, corn and bananas.

“We must address this oversupply so that farmers are not demoralised by the abundance of unsold crops,” he told the state assembly here today.

Hasan said the chief minister had agreed to a study to process the abundant supply of fruits to other food products.

“For instance, we thought banana skin should be thrown away, but a study by a student found that it can be processed into cookies and cakes. It can be used in cosmetics as it has rejuvenation properties.

“It can also be processed into an aphrodisiac (perangsang batin) like kacip fatimah.” he said.

He was answering a supplementary question from Datuk Roslan Ahmad (Umno-Merlimau) on the oversupply of agricultural products and initiatives by the state to market them.

Hasan said the state was looking at cooperating with Melaka Biotechnology Corporation or the private sector in the research.

“I appreciate efforts of all agencies in promoting agricultural produce to address oversupply, including the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority. We will always find ways to address this,” he said.

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