Wangsa Maju Wanita Umno division chief Datuk Noor Aieni Mohd Ali. Pic by NSTP/ROSELA ISMAIL

KUALA LUMPUR: A proposal to impose a curfew on those aged 21 and below received a roar of approval from delegates at the Wanita Umno assembly today.

Wangsa Maju Wanita Umno division chief Datuk Noor Aieni Mohd Ali, in urging the government to mull the idea, said it would help curb social ills among youths.

Her suggestion included not allowing those under 21 to leave their homes without adult supervision between 10pm to 5am daily.

“I urge the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry to formulate a plan on how the law can be amended.

"This will ensure youths and children are under the supervision of parents and not get themselves involved with 'rempit' activities, gangsterism, drug abuse, loitering around public parks and doing immoral activities.

“The family institution has to be strengthened. It may be difficult to be implemented but this is the best way forward to guide the future generation from social problems and to raise them as competitive individuals in a challenging globalisation era,” she said in her speech at the Wanita Umno general assembly.

Meanwhile, Johor's Kota Tinggi Wanita Chief Asiah Md Ariff demanded for more women to be included in the Cabinet to ensure a stronger female presence.

"Johor Wanita Umno would like to propose that our Wanita Umno chief (Tan Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil), the deputy as well as national exco members be made Cabinet members.

"This is to recognise their voices and contributions they have made to this movement," she said.

Asiah said it was strange to see the nation's most powerful mothers, equipped with strongest machinery and the backbone of Umno, unrepresented in the ranks of the Cabinet.

"There are only two women from Wanita Umno and that too, as deputy ministers.

"We want to bring back the golden days of Wanita and make us matter again," she said to thunderous applause.

Penang's Wanita Umno representative Nor Hafizah Othman said women were not given opportunities in the professional field despite many being qualified and capable of shining in their respective areas.

She said many have expertise in various sectors but were hampered from joining due to a lack of opportunities.

"It is such a waste to lose these women with so much potential just because of a lack of quota and number of positions provided for women," she said.

The division also suggested that the government establish a 30 per cent quota for skilled and professional Bumiputera women in the industrial sector.

This policy, she said, should also be supported with a body that would monitor the industry players to ensure they adhere to the rulling.

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