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An ambulance driver was forced to receive four stitches on his forehead due to being hit by a mat rempit group near the North Taiping Toll Plaza, South-South Expressway early Sunday morning. (courtesy of NST reader)

TAIPING: An ambulance driver and a female nurse were attacked by a group of mat rempit here after they were urged by the ambulance driver to make way for his vehicle.

In the 1.40am incident on Sunday on the North-South Expressway near the Taiping Utara toll plaza, the 53-year-old man, who wishes to remain anonymous over fears for his safety, said that he was transporting a patient from the Parit Buntar Hospital to the Taiping Hospital, along with one medical assistant and a nurse.

As soon as he arrived at a traffic light intersection near the toll plaza, he said he came across a group of mat rempit who appeared to be racing, and were blocking the road.

“As their actions could have endangered the ambulance, I used the speaker to advise them to give way.

“However, my action ignited their anger and they rammed the ambulance, before one of them fell, which made them angrier.

“They then completely blocked our way by using their motorcycles,” he said when contacted.

When the ambulance came to a complete stop, about four to six teenage boys violently opened the door and dragged him out of the vehicle, before punching his face and other parts of his body.

The ambulance driver received four stitches for a wound to his right brow.

“The nurse who was taking care of a patient at the back alighted from the ambulance and tried to break up the fight, but she was knocked down by them.

“When members of the public began noticing the incident, the teenagers fled. We had to continue our journey to send the patient,” he added.

After the patient was safely transported, the ambulance driver lodged a police report in Taiping, before returning to Parit Buntar to receive treatment for his wounds.

“I remember the plate number of the motorcycle belonging to the teenager who hit me in the face, while other motorcycles did not have any number plates.

“The police have already identified the owner of the motorcycle, and investigations are ongoing,” he said.

He added that the location of the incident is a favourite spot for mat rempit to conduct illegal races involving both motorcycles and cars, particularly on weekend nights.

“I always use that road, and I usually see a group of mat rempit and cars racing there during weekend nights, from around midnight until 3am in the morning,” he added.

Translated from Berita Harian

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