The mother of an abused two-year-old boy who died on Jan 3 has denied abandoning her 14-month-old daughter. FILE PIC

KULAI: The mother of an abused two-year-old boy who died on Jan 3 has denied abandoning her 14-month-old daughter.

G Vithya, 17, said for the sake of her daughter Maha Laxmi's future, she had sought help from a family’s friend in Kulai to take care of the child temporarily.

She said she was unable to provide full-time care for her daughter as she worked as a part-time assistant in a restaurant in Kulai.

“My mother aged 55 who stays with me in Temenggong flat here also could not take care of Maha Laxmi because of her health condition. She suffers from depression.

“My husband has been in prison in Kluang since December last year. I have to be the backbone of the family,” she said when met at her house.

Vithya said she cannot believe that some individuals accused her of “selling” Maha Laxmi to a family friend.

She also said she was surprised that her parents in law took to the media without her consent, claiming to be concerned with Maha Laxmi’s (previously known as Diana Varshini) safety, believing that she was being neglected.

“I have lodged a police report on Jan 29 denying allegations made against me and also to protect my family.

“I have given my best to my daughter including registering her birth at the National Registration Department (JPN).

“I really hope that the irresponsible individuals who throw allegations at me will stop,” she added.

Vithya said she would do her best to change her family’s fate including being a responsible mother.

She said it was difficult to get a stable job and she had worked in various places.

She said it costs almost RM300 for Maha Laxmi’s expenses every month and she also had to support her mother.

“I have not neglected my daughter. I visit her often and spend time with her.

“I cannot wait to bring her back home after my life is stable,” she said.

On Jan 3, it was reported that a two-year-old child, Paul Ebineshen, who was in a critical condition, was sent to Temenggong Seri Maharaja Tun Ibrahim Hospital (HTSMTI), Kulai, by his mother around 7.30pm.

It was also reported that the boy died before the hospital staff called the police, suspecting that the victim was abused.

Initial investigation showed that there was bleeding in both ears and bruise marks on the victim’s left side of the head.

There was also an old bruise mark on the victim’s back and traces of water in the victim’s throat.

On Jan 18, a jobless man S Mosas, 24, who is Vithya’s family friend, was charged in Kulai magistrate court with causing Paul's death at Jalan Perak 1 and Temenggong flat between 5.30pm and 7pm on Jan 3.

The victim’s mother and grandmother, who were under remand for 14 days, were being released.

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