A videograb showing the diners tossing the cash.

KUALA LUMPUR: A short video showing diners tossing the Chinese New Year dish yee sang (raw fish) in wads of cash has gone viral.

In the nine-second video, they were heard shouting in excitement as they tossed RM100 and RM50 notes using chopsticks.

As if the ostentatious show of richness was not enough, they also grabbed the cash and threw it into the air.

It’s said that the higher one tosses the yee sang, the happier one will be.

This comes from the word play “lo hei” which means to “toss” in Cantonese, with“hei” meaning happiness.

The diners appeared to be exhibiting a flamboyant display of wealth in a restaurant.

Yee sang, also known as prosperity toss, traditionally consists of carrot, cucumber, white radish, pickle and, of course, raw fish.

The ingredients are tossed with an array of condiments, which include sesame oil, plum sauce, cinnamon, peanuts, fried wonton skins, pepper and cinnamon.

Tossing the yee sang is a must-have for every family in wishing for a better year ahead.

"Yú" (surplus) sounds similar to yú (fish), an apt reminder that fish is linked to a livelihood filled with abundance and prosperity.

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