Before the brawl: The beer-y best of friends.

KUALA LUMPUR: An alarming video has emerged of two elderly men engaging in a violent brawl in front of a kopitiam in broad daylight recently.

The 70-second-long mobile phone video – which has gone viral on social media – opens spectacularly with the smaller of the two “uncles” swinging a plastic chair at the other.

The smaller man then forcefully shoves the other, causing both to lose their balance and fall crashing onto a hamper filled with beer cans. Shouts of alarm from bystanders off-camera can be heard.

This is proceeded by a WWF-style struggle, before both men – believed to have been roaring drunk – begin raining blows on each other’s heads and socking each other’s faces.

It is at this point that a strapping young man steps forward to catch hold of the larger uncle’s flying fist before it made contact again with the other’s face.

In spite of the intervention, the smaller man loses his balance all on his own and falls flat onto his back.

With two other men trying to intercede, the geriatric brawl appears to come to an end – but the larger uncle suddenly grabs hold of another plastic chair and brings it crashing down on the smaller man. In spite of his inebriated state, the smaller man manages to deflect the blow in time by covering his heads with his raised arms.

More onlookers appear on the scene, at which point both old men realise that their fighting spirit has left them. But the larger of the two then points an accusatory finger at the other and gives him a good tongue lashing.

The smaller man stands at attention with his back to the camera for several moments, before turning to walk off camera. Perversely though, he walks away with a satisfied smirk on his face.

Just prior to the “fight of the century” the two men, who were clearly friends, had happily posed for a picture together while seated at one of the kopitiam’s tables.

Between them are ten cans of Skol beer, said to be Brazil's most popular alcoholic beverage. It is understood that both men finished their share of the drinks.

Although the scuffle took place in Malaysia, the exact location has not been determined.

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