(File pix) According to the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, Malaysia has a cybersecurity workforce shortage of 10,000. Pix by Rosela Ismail

KUALA LUMPUR: The digital economy is expected to create over one million new jobs in the next five years.

That figure proves that Barisan Nasional manifesto’s target to create three million new jobs with high salaries is realistic and can be achieved.

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation chief executive officer Datuk Yasmin Mahmood said that the figure was calculated based on a digital workforce simulation by 2025.

She said the simulation showed the vital needs of a workforce in the digital economy, which included programmers, software engineers and cyber security coder experts.

She said these were classified as high-paying jobs.

“The question of jobs that will come into existence needs to be looked into from the scope of the digital economy sector, as it has (the potential to create) many jobs.

“(This is) because we have to understand that the world is undergoing a major revolution, unlike in the past where jobs are only available whenever there are factories.

She said the digital economy, which is being (promoted) by the government, was meant to spearhead changes in the workforce, as well as job opportunities.

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“We have a cyber security workforce shortage of 10,000 and we need 20,000 professionals by 2020. (This is) because there are those aged (around) 25, who earned a five-figure salary, because they are capable as data scientists,” she told the New Straits Times Press Bhd here recently.

Yasmin said beside creating new digital job opportunities, the nation’s economy would be boosted with the existence of more entrepreneurs or workers, who made use of digital platforms for their businesses.

She said these people were those who were not digital workers, but used the digital platform to trade via online platforms, such as social media.

“The government not only looks at figures, but also at our strategy which is to create a generation of youth prepared to face the future as they will inherit
and dominate ‘digital entrepreneurism’. 

“I’m not a politician. On the contrary, I’m a private professional in the technology industry.

“If the government does not focus on this sector in 10 years, Malaysia would be under developed because the world is heading towards the ‘digital path’ and because of this, the (BN) leadership must be maintained to ensure the continuity of industrial development.

“(This is) because it involves the future of our youth. All would be jeopardised if not for the focus given by (Prime Minister) Datuk Seri Najib Razak,” she said.