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KEEPING TRADITIONAL MUSIC ALIVE: Through the many government initiatives, the art of making and playing gambus will be preserved in Sabah.
RESPECT: Pesta Kaamatan will always be a main highlight in the state.
UNITING FACTOR: Keeping alive the tradition of celebrating all festivals, a vital way of life that is protected under the Barisan Nasional administration.
JOINING FESTIVITIES: When it comes to celebrations in Sabah, everyone joins in, including Deepavali.
LEADING THE WAY: Religious obligation is a priority under the Sabah Barisan Nasional government.
COMMITED LEADER: Barisan Nasional Chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak will continue to meet the people of Sabah, such as this visit to the Donggongon Tamu in Penampang
REGATTA LEPA: An annual event in Semporna that will remain a key programme in the state’s annual tourism calendar.

SABAH is at the threshold of great economic success, having transformed from a state that relies heavily on natural resources to one that has progressed by leaps and bounds, with plans that are centred on prospering the people.

Unity among the diverse people of Sabah has been the key to the harmonious display of a state that has long embraced the beauty of having a multi-ethnic society, as well as political stability brought about by a coalition of parties under the Barisan Nasional.

UPBEAT: Preserving native cultures and traditions that has been passed down for generations is key to enhancing respect among the diverse communities of Sabah.

With Tan Sri Musa Aman at the helm of the state administration, and the profound mentorship of Barisan Nasional chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak, transformations through game- changing projects, poverty eradication programmes and future developments of various sectors have propelled Sabah to greater heights.

MIXING WELL: The Chinese New Year celebration will always see top Sabah Barisan Nasional leaders joining the festivities.

And there’s more to come under Barisan Nasional.

Anchored on the state Halatuju or development agenda is the focus on tourism, manufacturing and agriculture; as well as human resource development. More can be expected as Sabah continues to enjoy the fruits of its labour, and at the same time, upholding key elements that help bind things together.

Security, for instance, is not neglected to ensure that peace prevails, and so are environmental policies to protect the state’s natural resources.

well being: The Barisan Nasional government reaches out to the people with many transformation initiatives.

Priority too will be given to ensure that people from all over the state can enjoy progress in tandem with the nation, and savour the benefits of the national agenda to become a high-income nation under the auspices of the National Transformation 2050 programme.

On top of all that, the state’s unique identity as a multi-ethnic society made up of communities from the coast right to the riverines, the islands, the plains, the hills and urban towns, will be preserved as they are — the people of Sabah.

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