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A group photo of archbishops and bishops of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei meeting Pope Francis at the Vatican in Rome in February 2018. Pic courtesy of Kota Kinabalu Archdiocese

KOTA KINABALU: A new Malaysia has emerged where everyone is enabled to live in peace and harmony without suspicion of one another as fellow citizens, said the Members of the Malaysian Bishops’ Conference.

In their joint post 14th General Election message entitled, “Rakyat has spoken, Syabas”, the Catholic archbishops and bishops say that Malaysia now has the golden opportunity to press the “reset” button.

The three archbishops are Julian Leow of Kuala Lumpur, Simon Poh of Kuching, and John Wong of Kota Kinabalu, while bishops are Bernard Paul of Malacca of Johor, Cornelius Piong of Keningau, Sebastian Francis of Penang, Julius Dusin Gitom of Sandakan, Joseph Hii of Sibu and Richard Ng of Miri.

The heads of the Catholic church described the election as a process that has come of age and attributed it to the Election Commission officials, polling and counting agents, volunteers and citizens who helped in the background.

“This was possible because many came out of their comfort zones to sacrifice and toil much to make a better Malaysia where freedom and justice are ensured to all.”

Noting that the rakyat have spoken and that history has been created against all odds, the Malaysian Catholic bishops say the future is in the hands of the rakyat.

“We have witnessed humility and the seeking of forgiveness for past mistakes. We have seen reconciliation offered and received; observed graciousness in defeat; a love for peace and harmony for this country,” they said.

“There is a need to continue to pray for Malaysia and for healing and unity among all Malaysians, including members of the Church.

“It is time for us to walk the talk and move away from language divided churches and live this unity in reality. We want to pray for blessings and prosperity for all Malaysians.

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