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Customers at the My Farm Outlet, Putrajaya. Pic by MOHD FADLI HAMZAH

PUTRAJAYA: Customers at selected MyFarm Outlet in Pusat Pasar Ayam Dato’ are able to save up to RM200 a month, thanks to an ongoing sales initiative carried out there.

The campaign, called Program Harapan Rakyat Malaysia Meringankan Beban Pengguna, was organised in collaboration with the Malaysian Muslim Consumers' Association (PPIM), Malay Chamber of Commerce (DPMM), DPMM’s agriculture and agro-based industry bureau; and Muslim Halal Meat Importers’ Association (HALMIM) Nasional.

DPMM’s agriculture and agro-based industry bureau chairman, Datuk Mohd Noor Ali Akbar, said customers could save about RM50 in a week or RM200 in a month, as fresh food like chicken, fish and beef, as well as dried goods were sold at cheaper prices.

“The programme is aimed at reducing the burden faced by consumers especially during festive seasons.

Malay Chamber of Commerce (DPMM) agriculture and agro-based industry bureau chairman, Datuk Mohd Noor Ali Akbar addresses the media in Putrajaya. Pic by MOHD FADLI HAMZAH

“The campaign, which started six months ago, is carried out in 10 locations in the Klang Valley,” he told reporters when met at the event, here, today.

MyFarm Outlets, which were set up nationwide by the Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (Fama), offers essential food items at affordable prices.

He said chicken is sold at RM5.79 per kg at the MyFarm Outlet (compared to market price of RM8 per kg), while ikan kembung is sold at RM5 per kg.

“We had a meeting with the Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Salahuddin Ayub and had suggested several (new locations for) agro bazaar, pasar tani and MyFarm Outlets nationwide to be open on weekends to help ease the burden of people in B40 (Bottom 40 group).

“DPMM would also suggest that the functions of Fama is updated. MyFarm Outlet is also a product of Fama,” he said.

Consumer Mardziyah Hashim, 50, said she hoped that such programme would be carried out often to allow more people to buy food essentials at lower prices.

“Such campaign would help consumers, especially those with big families, to save money on grocery shopping,” she said.

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