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Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza attend at the Council Of The Eminent Persons Level 60 at Ilham Tower. Pix by Aswadi Alias

KUALA LUMPUR: Pop queen Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin was summoned by the Council of Eminent Persons on Thursday to discuss the possible formation of a National Arts Council.

While Siti had kept mum on the details, she confirmed that the discussion largely centred on the proposed arts council.

“I cannot discuss that (details of meeting). But what had (discussions) taken place was meant for the (betterment of the) industry.

“In general we did broach upon (the formation of the arts council),” Siti said when met outside the Ilham Tower.

Siti said the meeting went positively with council members appearing interested in the topic discussed.

“I am representing the industry as a singer, (there will be others to represent) theatre, performing arts and such.

“The discussions went on a positive note and they (the council) had listened intently.”

Asked again about the arts council, Siti said she would have submit her proposals on paper.

“(We are ) still in talks (about the proposal), I will have resubmit my memorandum (proposal) on what I had voiced out, for the council to look into it.

“On my part, I had made a few suggestions.”

She later left in a black MPV, but not before posing for a wefie with members of the media.

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