Commuters boarding a RapidKL bus in Kuala Lumpur recently. — NSTP File Pic

SHAH ALAM: RapidKL rail and bus commuters are happy with the introduction of a RM100 unlimited monthly travel pass in January.

LRT user Mohd Nazril Md Khair praised the effort as it would reduce the financial burden faced by commuters.

“I spend about RM150 a month to get to my work place using the LRT services from Glenmarie to the Ampang Park station,” said the 33-year-old engineer.

“With the government offering the RM100 unlimited monthly travel pass, I will be able to save RM50.”

Civil servant Noraziah Masara, 34, said the move was good for those who used RapidKL rail and bus services frequently.

“It is worth it for one who needs to travel longer distances and have to hop on both the LRT and the bus to get to their destination as the monthly pass can be used for both services,” she said.

Trader Salina Mohamed, 29, said it would encourage more people to use public transport and stressed the importance of punctuality.

Private sector staff Azhar Ahmad, 35, said he hoped that the government would introduce more of such initiatives.

During the tabling of Budget 2019, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng had announced that the Federal Government would allocate RM240 million to introduce the RM100 unlimited monthly travel pass for RapidKL bus and rail service beginning on Jan 1 to encourage more people to use public transport.

He said a RM50 monthly unlimited travel pass for RapidKL buses would also be available.

He said such passes would be expanded to other bus companies in stages.

He said such schemes would increase the disposable incomes of households by a few hundred ringgit a month.