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(File pix) Digital Media Design head of depar tment Cheang Lin Yew (front row, second from left) and students at the TOA X Sunway Malls SDG Exhibition.

MOVIES, television shows and video games move, excite, entertain and compel us partly because of their creative visual effects. As technology gets more sophisticated, the robust, fast-paced and ever-changing digital era encourages everyone to be hooked to their devices.

Demand for digital content and digital experience have grown tremendously to provide for audiences in what has been deemed a necessity in both working and personal environments.

New and innovative communication technologies have revolutionised the creative industry, as new media and digital media are among the sectors where demand for experienced talents is most acute.

In tune with the changes brought about by the media revolution, The One Academy’s Digital Media Design programme is a comprehensive curriculum, which emphasises the development of computer graphics technology and its creative process.

Offered at diploma and degree levels, studio courses include Design Fundamentals, Visual Communication, Design Methodology, Typography Design, Perspective Studies, Digital Storytelling & Animation, Digital Design in Multimedia, Web Design for Communication, Photography & Video Production, Interactive Design, Motion Graphic Design, 3D for Multimedia Design, Experiential Design, Principles of Game Design, and Mobile Game Design.

Students will develop skills used for designing digital media — the generation, manipulation and layout of artwork, text and other rich media — which enable them to work effectively for prototyping in the context of current and emerging Internet technologies and platforms.

At the academy’s School of Multimedia Design, students have gone on to create quality innovations and take part in events, such as the Shanghai Maker Carnival, a major annual exhibition at the forefront of the maker movement.

Graduates may consider career options as a digital media designer, installation artist, web content manager, game designer, motion graphic designer, film director, TV/video producer, UI/UX designer, creative art director, social media strategist and many more.

Career opportunities are abound in this technologically advancing age, as more and more industries are moving towards digital platforms.

With skilled talent in short supply in the West, the search has expanded beyond the talent pool to include qualified and competent candidates from across Asia. Recent trends indicate that Malaysia will continue to see a rising demand for experienced talent in the broadcast industry.

The One Academy is committed to providing the best art education programmes and continues to nurture its students passionately through its Masters Train Masters coaching philosophy.

For more information on The One Academy, visit or call +603-5637 5510 or e-mail [email protected]

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